Monday, November 17, 2008

Twilight readalikes

Are you finished with the Twilight saga and looking for something to read next? The library has a couple new books that might be popular with Twilight fans.

Whitcomb, Laura. A Certain Slant of Light.
In sensuous prose, Helen, who has been dead for 130 years, describes what it's like to live as Light, clinging to a human host, then reentering an empty human body and becoming physically and emotionally attuned to the world. James, too, is Light, but he has taken over the body of Billy, who almost overdosed on drugs. Their joy at finding one another turns quickly to love, and James helps Helen locate an empty body that she can inhabit.

Hahn, Mary Downing. Look for Me by Moonlight.
Cynda has just moved in with her father after her parents divorced. Her father runs a remote inn in Maine and Cynda is bored and lonely until she befriends a new guest at the inn. He seems to understand her completely, but Cynda finds out he may not have her best interests at heart.

Dunkle, Clare B. By These Ten Bones.

After a mysterious young wood carver with a horrifying secret arrives, Maddie gains his trust--and his heart--and seeks a way to save both him and her townspeople from an ancient evil.

If you still haven't satisfied your thirst for books like Twilight, send me an e-mail [sjohnson (at)] for more suggestions!

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